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Nice On Price, Soft On Skin      

Made from 100% Virgin Pulp Nice & Soft is also a premium brand of Toilet and Napkin Tissue. It is an integral part of the company’s strategy to provide premium quality at an affordable price. A unique combination of strength, softness, and absorbency, Nice & Soft soars the word premium to new heights.

What makes Nice & Soft unique?

Nice & Soft offers a product range that is premium in quality yet offers a great value for money. Who said you have to pay through your nose for the best? Try it and believe it for yourself! 

All New Nice & Soft Serviettes

Our new 100% Virgin Pulp Serviettes are made softer and more absorbent. Nice & Soft brings a unique combination of premium quality at an affordable price to the consumer. With new and improved quality of products the Nice & Soft brand is soon becoming a market leader and promises an exciting range of products.