Donations to Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary School

Chandaria Industries donated Rosy Toilet Tissue, Sanitary pads & Liquid Hand Wash to Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary School. The school consists of 960 students from Kirwa slum and Deep Sea slum. This school was started by Dr. Ribeiro in the late 90s and is currently headed by Mrs. Rose Mureu. Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Primary School has been ranked 1st in Starehe District.

Years ago, the school started a special unit for children suffering from cerebral palsy known as the CPU – Cerebral Palsy Unit. There are currently 100 students in the school who suffer from this condition. The term cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement, muscle coordination, and balance. Cerebral palsy affects the part of the brain that controls muscle movements.  The majority of children with cerebral palsy are born with it although it may not be detected until months or years later. Cerebral palsy can’t be cured but treatment will often improve a child’s capabilities.  There is a team of 18 staff members taking care of the special children.

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