Velvex Cotton Wool

Hospital quality. Only brand in East Africa that has a quality certification by UNHCR, ICRC, WFP, US & Canadian Embassies. For hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, first aid kits, beauty salons, spas, cosmetic use & much more 

Product Code :

50 GRAMS (12s) 12 per outer 50 GRAMS (120s) 120 per carton
100 GRAMS (6s) 60 per outer 100 GRAMS (60s) 60 per carton
200 GRAMS (30s) 30 per carton 400 GRAMS (15s) 15 per carton
500 GRAMS (12s) 12 per carton

Packaging :

50 GRAMS (12s) 12 per outer 50 GRAMS (120s) 120 per carton
100 GRAMS (6s) 6per outer 100 GRAMS (60s) 60 per carton
200 GRAMS (30s) 30 per carton  

Velvex Toilet Seat Covers

Our toilet seat liners offer premium, hygienic protection at an affordable price

  • Product Code : AHSCLH10 & AHSCLQ10
  • Sizes : Half Fold & Quarter Fold
  • Packaging : 250 Sheets half folded per pack & 200 Sheets quarter folded per pack 
    10 Packs in a carton

Velvex Hair Nets

Suitable for a variety of uses: hotels, restaurants, catering, spas, hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions, factories etc Prevents hair & sweat from falling into food and your eyes. Elasticated for secure fit and specially degined for durability. Soft, light-weight and breathable for user comfort. Cost effective and easily disposable. Unisex.

  • Product Code : AHSHNB100 & AHSHNW100
  • Packaging : Blue & White 100 pieces per pack

Velvex Hand Sanitizing Gel

Kills 99.99% of germs. Added moisturiser preventing dry skin, Available with a convenient pump dispenser. No water, no towels required. Carefully selected pack sizes to cater for all requirements. The most convenient way to clean your hands anytime, anywhere.

  • Product Code : 
  • Packaging : 50ML - 48 bottles in a carton, 500ML - 6 bottles in a carton, 5LT, 20LT

Velvex Toilet Cleaner

Kills 99.99% of germs. Provides 48 hours protection. Removes tough stains & whitens. Long lasting fresh fragrance

  • Product Code : TRVTCOB12s & TRVTCCB12s-CTN
  • Packaging : Citrus Burst & Ocean Breeze - 12 bottles in a carton

Velvex Disinfectant Scented Toilet Balls

Velvex Disinfectant Scented Toilet Balls disinfect urinals and reduce bad odours. They are scented to give the urinal pleasant smell. Choice of white or coloured. Water soluble to prevent blockages.

  • Product Code : 
    White: TREFWMB12 
    Coloured: TREFMB12
  • Packaging : 12 packets per carton